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Your partner in opening doors to Japanese market

A.Y.Mirai Ltd. offers a wide range of consulting services to European companies seeking business opportunities in Japan.

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Japanese word Mirai (未来) stands for “future”. It’s a keyword for A.Y. Mirai and A.Y. Mirai assists clients to reach the target future together with the clients. A.Y. Mirai Ltd provides project management services specialized in Japanese business. Since 2000, Yoko Keränen, managing director of A.Y. Mirai has been involved with many projects in various companies to establish reliable and strong business relationships in Japan. With over 20 years of experience, A.Y. Mirai assists clients by offering first-class communication skills in local languages, understanding the diversity of business culture, handling negotiations, and utilizing the professional networks in Japan.

Yoko Keränen, Japanese Expert

Yoko was born near Kanazawa city, one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. She completed her study at a university in Japan and moved to Finland in 1997. While she studied international business in Oulu, she started her career at several companies in Oulu. She has been involved with sales and marketing, regulatory and R&D projects in the field of electronic devices, automation systems, medical devices, IoT, and commodity businesses. She is an excellent facilitator for Finnish and Japanese parties as she knows the gaps in business cultures and challenges in communications.    
The clients tend to express Yoko’s personality as social, patient, positive, and open-minded.  

Yoko Keränen A.Y.Mirai CEO woman japanese
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Market Research Project

  • Evaluation of the product/service for the Japanese market

  • Competitor analysis   

  • Market studies with clear reports

  • Business proposals with detail action plans

Sales Expert Service

  • Sales person service

  • Finland-Japan problem solving facilitation

  • Product training and material

  • Localization of marketing material, website layout and design

R&D Project

  • Project planning, management and facilitation

  • Product development cooperation

  • Supplier selection and supply chain definition & implementation

Free consultation service

Free consultation service brings a brilliant opportunity for both clients and A.Y. Mirai to understand the business potentials and advantages of cooperation. Under confidentiality, clients share business cases, problems, needs, and the current situation that should be improved. We will analyze and evaluate your case and provide you a proposal of what A.Y. Mirai can contribute to your case. Our free consultation service includes a 45-minute online meeting, feedback, and possibly a service quotation. Service quotation can be modified according to the needs and requirements of clients.

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