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Kainuu Grey yarn goes to Japan

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Have you heard of Kainuu Grey? It’s a Finnish sheep and an extremely rare race, as there were only 1148 purebred lambs in 2020 says Suomen Lammasyhdistys website. One of our customers runs an organic sheep firm in Sievi and they asked A.Y.Mirai to look for potential buyers for their Kainuu Grey wool yarn.

They are gorgeous and their wool is soft and warm. We thought there might be a great opportunity to make Japanese knitters happy with gorgeous Kainuu Grey. Double the Finnish population, 10 million Japanese people enjoy knitting and handicraft said the statistics in 2016 and you can find all sorts of wool yarn from all over the world in Japan.

A.Y.Mirai emphasised the beautiful Finnish pure nature and owner’s families surrounding Kainuu Grey when promoting the unique wool yar. Päivikki wool yarn is now available for Japanese knitting lovers at online shop and an actual shop in Kobe.

A.Y.Mirai provides tailored pin-point supports what small companies really need. Please share your business idea and let us to develop your business with Japanese customers.

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