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We know what Japanese companies want

Our Project Management Service for R&D projects helps Finnish companies understand real needs of  Japanese companies. Due to the language barrier and differences on business protocols, many Finnish companies face problems with Japanese companies. It often comes as a surprise for Finnish companies how little English is used in Japanese business. The quality of communications in R&D projects is crucial to the entire process and outcome of the project.

A.Y.Mirai clarifies expectations of Japanese companies for deliverables, how to succeed in delivering them, and how to get to the common decision points together with your company. These might be related to R&D work, supplier selection and supply chain definition. Our role is to clarify all details to make the project as smooth as possible.  We will create a project plan and set up the required follow-up and closing meetings as a member of your project team.

Japanese serving tea from a cup

Let us introduce your know-how to Japanese companies

We have seen brilliant Finnish inventions, design work and products. Is your company ready to expand your business with our excellent know-how?  We have networks where we can introduce your offering to your potential customers in Japan.

R&D Pricing

R&D projects are priced case by case as the contents and amount of the work can be varying significantly.  The basic hourly fee is 85 EUR (0% VAT) and we offer better rate and better service package for regular customers and longer contracts. After the free consultation service and/or advisory discussion, we propose several solutions for your R&D project.

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