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Yoko Keränen gives the best tips for Japanese market in the Finnish Kauppalehti article. See below also customer references.

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I have been working together with Yoko Keränen and I can recommend her if you are looking for a partner to help you communicate with Japanese partner. 

In our project, Ms. Keränen made sure that the communication to Japan went quickly and clearly, even though the Japanese client was not used to using English in the technical discussions. 

We received a very good feedback from our client who felt that they were heard and understood despite their English language skills. Overall, this helped us a lot to meet the customer expectations and run the project smoothly.
Teemu Turunen,

Head of HW at Haltian Ltd
I highly recommend! Yoko Keränen you have been an invaluable help in the Japanese deal!
Markku Känsäkoski, CTO at Ginolis Ltd 
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Convention people sitting and listening
Over the years Yoko has been helping me and Haltian in several projects we have made with our Japanese customers. She is not only excellent interpreter of spoken and written Japanese but also emotionally intelligent interpreter of different cultures and personalities. Yoko's contribution just makes every day project work super fluent. She's always full of positive energy and so perfect match Haltian's mission of making impossible things easy. I very happy to recommend Yoko's services to everyone working with Japanese customers or planing e.g. to participate to conference in Japan.
Mika Gröhn, Business Development and Program Manager at Haltian Ltd 
Understanding the cultural differences in communication when cooperating with Japanese customers can be a bit tricky. Luckily, we have had Yoko to help us in translating not only documents, but also the nonverbal messages while for example facilitating video calls and meetings. Her proactive work style is a pleasure, and I warmly recommend her services for anyone willing to do business in Japan.
Tero Heikkinen, Program Manager at Haltian Ltd
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Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Since 2018 we have worked with Yoko in expanding our market presence in Japan. We work with some large corporate companies as well as expanding our market into small local customers. Yoko absorbs the necessary information on the workings of our medical products quickly and is liked by our customers in Japan. With the pandemic slowly reducing and more travel becoming possible we look forward to working again with Yoko to re-establish our contacts in Tokyo. I recommend Yoko without question to anyone wishing to expand their medical sales in Japan or any country.
Nick See, Director at Ultrasound Technologies Ltd
Yoko has helped several Finnish companies to enter Japanese market by establishing new relationships between customers.
Olli Löytynoja, Head of Key Accounts at BusinessOulu
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Kauppalehti articles

Yoko Keränen gives the best tips for Japanese market in the Finnish Kauppalehti article. Read also her comments on the Kalevala Koru's story entering the Japanese market.

Japanese Umbrellas


For Finnish health and life science companies with ambitions, expansion to foreign markets is one of the key points in their growth and development strategy. Many businesses start with neighbouring markets and then gradually look further, for example, toward Japan. However, is the Japanese market a good choice and what challenges are waiting for the companies?

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