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Sales Expert Service


Meeting in Japanese and in Finnish

The Sales Expert Service is one of our best and most practical services.  Our sales experts, who of course speak local languages, understand the Japanese business culture, cultural habits, and business procedures. With the help of our sales experts, you can take meetings to the next level. Speaking English is not yet that common in Japan. Due to this, Japanese-speaking sales experts will perform much better, compared with English-speaking ones, as they can use original Japanese material at the meetings and negotiations.Our service is designed for both Finnish companies and the Japanese counterparts to obtain the best outcome.  We are proud to offer “Sales Expert Service”, as we have over 20 years of experience. We are also aware of the importance of personal relationships and trust between the companies. We have concentrated on and established trustful personal relationship around the country, to ensure that your business succeeds. There are certain protocols to go through with Japanese companies and A.Y. Mirai makes sure that Finnish companies do the right things.    

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Efficient but Stress-free Project Management

We focus on the quality of communication. We have seen the challenges on the communications between Finnish and Japanese parties when using English as the communication language. We prepare materials in the local languages and assist project members on meeting the needs of Japanese counterparts. This is essential to succeed with the projects. Different business cultures sometimes create unnecessary misunderstanding among project members, which eventually affects the quality of the project outcome. We know the protocol how to start the project and how to achieve the goals. Our project management service brings all parties together into one team. Our experts support each team member to achieve the best 

performance by providing translated materials and individual internal meetings to solve every small issue.


Our input may solve your problems

Finland-Japan problem-solving facilitation service is designed for the Finnish companies, which already have had business cooperation with Japanese clients, but the current situation is not satisfactory. Many foreign companies are seeking for the improvement with Japanese companies, but they don’t know what to do and how to achieve it. A.Y. Mirai has been solving those issues in different business fields and all issues have been solved efficiently. The most important thing is not to offend your customers in the problem-solving process. We will analyze your problems and approach your Japanese counterparts in Japanese in the most appropriate way.

Hands on training by Japanese native speakers

Japanese people are shy to ask help. Even if they didn’t understand your English training, they will not express that they didn’t understand it. Thus, we offer perfect training services, where all materials are translated, and the trainer is a native Japanese. Our target is to make all participants perfectly understood your product/service after the training. We have partners in Japan, which create the most competitive training materials, including video content, for the Japanese market.

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Localized marketing materials by professional business partners in Japan

We offer not only the translation service, but also the localization service, which ensures that marketing materials are suitable for the Japanese market. Layout and design of marketing materials vary depending on the market. A.Y. Mirai works with local advertisement companies to make first-class marketing materials to attract potential customers. The materials can be websites, logos, slogans, flyers, leaflets, and videos. We have chosen the most efficient business partners in advertisement service, and we offer Finnish companies the ability to benefit from our network.


Sales Expert Service pricing

Sales Expert Services are mostly used as a time-based service.  The basic hourly fee is 85 EUR (0% VAT) and we offer better rate and better service package for regular customers and longer contracts. The most popular package for sales expert service is 1 day/week service contract. After the free consultation service and/or advisory discussion, we propose several solutions for meeting service, project management service and training service. 

Sales Expert Service pricing
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