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Scorlling below, you can see how you can benefit from our services to you.


More than just a Market Research

When your company is considering of going to the Japanese market seriously, market research is essential. A.Y.Mirai offers comprehensive researches based on the needs of each customer. Outcome of the research determines the further steps or sometimes it leads to ”no go” decisions.

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We recommend you to book a free consultation service. Free consultation service is an online meeting service where your can explain your status and needs what you are looking for, for free of charge. A.Y.Mirai gives you several options of services and quotations after the meeting.  

Extra services:

Company registration in Japan

Marketing material design, video, website and production

Trademark registration

Supplement production in Japan

Warehouse/logistic service in Japan

Participating in ad hoc meetings


Does your business have potential in Japan?

Our target is to interpret the status of the selected market and explain the business potential according to the facts. Our market research is not only the collection of data, but also the several business proposals, what the customer can do with their product/service in the Japanese market. In-depth research will be done with the cooperation of A.Y.Mirai network of experts in Japan.  Market research may take a few weeks to a few months depending on the scale of study. The price of the market research starting from 3000 EUR.

Affordable price

Our service is designed according to the client’s needs and budget. We seek the best outcomes for clients with a reasonable investment. Book the free consultation service and we will offer you the most attractive project plans.


Preliminary market research from 3000 EUR

Sales experts service from 2100 EUR per month

We offer our service 85 EUR (VAT 0%) per hour based on your needs. We also provide competitive prices for project management and long term contract. 

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