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Evaluate business potential

We provide more than just collection of data. We will study the specific market, which your company needs to understand. We will evaluate the current market, competitors, trends, other related influencers, and business potential to your company over the Internet and individual interviews. The in-depth research is done in cooperation with the A.Y. Mirai network of experts in Japan. The market research may result in a proposal of next steps or, in some cases, in a ”no go” recommendation.

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Why the Japanese people need your product/service?

The final report of our market research contains several business options. The final report identifies the structure of your business case:

1) Who gets benefits using your products/service

2) How they get benefits using your products/service

3) Which are the best business partners, to succeed in the Japanese market.

A.Y.Mirai works closely with customers to define the following facts:​​

What are the keys to success in other markets

Who are the business partners as the experts in the selected field in Japan 

What are the keys to success in Japan

Advantages of product/service and why for the Japanese market particularly

Who are the sales partners, who have well-covered sales channel with customer supports in Japan

Market entry plan

Who gets benefits and how they utilise product/service to maximize benefits in Japan

Local regulations, restrictions, and barriers in Japan


Does your business have potential in Japan?

Our target is to interpret the status of the selected market and explain the business potential according to the facts. Our market research is not only the collection of data, but also the several business proposals, what the customer can do with their product/service in the Japanese market. In-depth research will be done with the cooperation of A.Y.Mirai network of experts in Japan.  Market research may take a few weeks to a few months depending on the scale of study. The price of the market research starting from 3000 EUR.

Affordable price

We offer competitive prices for market research services. The basic hourly fee is 85 EUR (0% VAT) for advisory service. After the free consultation service and/or advisory discussion, we propose several offers from specified evaluation studies to comprehensive market research depending on your needs and budgets.


The most popular package for comprehensive market research, including the overview of the specific markets, competitor analysis, regulation, and an action plan costs approximately 3000 EUR (0% VAT) as a package. We are flexible to adjust the contents of research according to your needs and budgets. 

Market Research pricing
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